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Eyes and Ears

Did a 40 year-0ld just sign herself as Durable Power-of-Attorney to your 80 year-old father? …and where is all his money going?  Does he live 2,000 miles away?

Worrisome parent of daughter away at college?

Business partner concerns?

Did you get ripped off by somebody?  Did they take the money and run?

Just need the facts?

Infinium is well-equipped to handle all of these issues and so many more.  The situation will be resolved.  It will be handled in the most un-obtrusive methods possible maximizing effectiveness while minimizing intrusion to you and your stake-holders.

*Please notet hat Infinium Investigations follows all local, state and federal laws and does not use GPS tracking devices to track an adult unbeknownst to them. Wire-tapping and impersonating a police officer is also illegal.  Infinium Investigations takes allegations of domestic violence very seriously.

I have worked with Erik Larson for the past three years within the Department of Social and Health Services. We have worked together on many challenging cases and he has always presented as competent, efficient and reliable. He was eager to assist me with any concerns or recommendations I had regarding our mutual clients. I would highly recommend using Erik Larson for his excellent customer service and communications skills.
─ Dekel Zuhri, Owner/Manager at Positive Awakenings LLC
Erik is a true professional. His work was always thorough and detailed. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.
─ Marci Comeau Murphy, Attorney at Law.
I have had the pleasure of working with Erik Larson, regarding my mother's safety and care prior to her passing, and currently in regard to an investigation involving potential financial fraud and exploitation. Erik is outstanding in his work and a true professional! He is dependable, circumspect, competent, compassionate, considerate, resourceful, timely, trustworthy, ethical, and has passion for his work.I highly recommend Erik to anyone needing his expertise and professional services.
─ Ann Beardsley, Jafra District Manager
As an adoption attorney, I always looked forward to working with the families on Erik Larson's caseload. Erik is always conscientious, making sure to send me exactly what I needed for each adoption...and when an unexpected issue would arise, Erik was responsive, diligent and was always going above and beyond the call to ensure the adoption would occur in a timely manner. I wish Erik still worked in Adoptions, but with his attention to detail, high level of professionalism as well as the ability to think quickly on his feet, I know Erik will be successful in whatever he does. I HIGHLY recommend Erik Larson for your legal project.
─ Andrew Schneidler,Founding Attorney, Children's Law Center of Washington, PS